Tuesday, February 26, 2008

what ever happened to my lunch box?

apparently chiggers don't count as pets.

(yes, the soccer fields had chiggers.)
after we discovered them
we decided not to go to the third game.
eww. just. eww.

for dani. who was curious as to what was in our shower stall.

for me. because he's ready to throw down.

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Katrina said...

I so do NOT miss chiggers.

Mel~B said...

What on earth are chiggers?

Kate Michele said...

ummm yeah what are chiggers??

island girl said...


ewwww...just ewwww.!

Anonymous said...

fuji, fuji 1...i almost busted a gut when i saw that!

I forgot about chiggers in tejas!! ugh!! They used to kill me when I was a kid there.

kimmyk said...

omg. i hate chiggers.
ugh. they're horrible aren't they?

what's that treat me right stuff? and what's in the pretty blue tub under it?

i am such a whore when it comes to fun hair/bath/shower products. love that stuff!

glo.riah said...

katrina- i get itchy just thinking about 'em!!
mel b- i left you a comment explaining them
katie- you asked the same question so i guess i should just explain here. :) they are like fleas, but smaller and thinner and brownish. they try to get under your skin and make you itchy and miserable in general.
jen- lol i was in florida last summer, i thought my bff was pulling my leg about no-see-ums. those are just as heinous!!
365-i don't have an issue here. i think it was all that grass in austin. it was by a man made pond. does that make a difference??
kimmyk- the treat me right is like a peppermint conditioner. it's *supposed* to stimulate my hair to grow faster, but i cant tell the difference. the bath junkie stuff is the BEST salt scrub EVER. smells like sweet clover. .swoon.

Colleen said...

gotta do the clear nail polish on the chiggers. that kills them.

ugh...chiggers suck