Saturday, March 1, 2008

keep me where the light is.

doggie yoga.
i think i need to take
a cue from becks.
yoga=happier me!!

it's the beginning of the weekend
and i find myself continuing to
be hopeful.
the birds are chirping
the sun is trying to peek through the clouds
there are lemon muffins on the counter
and the only chore i have today is laundry.
even that is not gonna take away my
rainbows and glitter feeling today!

i must say, it'd been hard for me to
see the light at the end of the tunnel
for quite a while.
when we decided to quit the air force
to move home last year
we didn't expect things to be so hard.
with all of hubby's education
and pristine air force record
we figured we be settled and
he'd have a job in no time.

while it didn't happen as easily
(or as quickly!!)
as we wanted, we are now
both employed
and can breathe a bit easier.

while we'll still need to move home
once our lease is up in september,
at least we know where we'll stand.
and once bff moves to san antonio
things will be right in my world.

the end the beginning.


Lisa said...

aha! i found your blog! hahaha for some reason you cant get to your blog from your profile so i went through all my contacts on sistv and then found your blog that way! sheesh i'm a good private eye investigator! anyhoo will you send me an email?


Positive For 365 said...

sometimes it's hard to see the lite but i want you to know that sometimes YOU are my lite. :0)

Mel~B said...

I feel your pain! We never thought we'd be in our early thirties and still renting a house with nothing much to our name but here we are! We're hoping this year will be much easier for us. Here's to a successful and happy 2008 for all of us!!

kimmyk said...

I love doggie yoga. I wish I could roll around on the floor and kick my feet in the air and be all silly. I guess I could, but I doubt my family would laugh at me the way we laugh at Dan and Maggie when they're all stretched out.

I'm glad things in your world are bright. I guess I didn't realize that your hubs retired. I thought you just got a new duty station back in the states. WOW. So how's that feel? To be retired and not active duty now? Huge change I think, huh?

Kate Michele said...

awwwww 365's comment made a little tear form in the corner me eye. :D very sweet friend you have there Glo.

I am glad that the lights is shinning and i pray that it will continue to shin on you and your family...i think you are amazing and deserve the best.

Kate Michele said...

oh wow the typos in that puppy

{{shakes head}}

glo.riah said...

lorihina- sent you an email.
365- ditto babe.
mel b- those curve balls life throws really suck. but i am okay. you're okay. and that's what counts!! :)
kimmyk- lol it would be a sight, seeing a grown woman rolling around!! this new life of ours feels...different. i sometimes miss the closeness of the military spouses, and some days i feel liberated!!
kate- yeah, she's a keeper!! & all those nice things you said: right back atcha girl!!

EatCrayons said...

Goes to show that you just never really know, eh? While our situation now is a HUGE improvement from where we were just over a year ago, we're still not where I *thought* we would be once we moved our hinneys cross country. Oh the joys of renting, and the uncertain.

Some how doggie yoga and lemon muffins sound quite nice though. :)

glo.riah said...

carrie: ::sigh:: at least we have what we need. i'm okay with starting just took sooo long that i was really starting to beat myself up about encouraging him to get out!!