Sunday, March 9, 2008

ready for some sunshine.

in a serious way.
it's cold here and
it's windy.
bad combo.

i've started looking for
this year's flip flops
(ie: chanklas!!)
no luck so far.
i did find some flats the other day
v. cute blue ballet flats with tiny
white polka adore.

this week is spring break with the girl one
and i have to work tues-thurs...
at least i have mon and fri, huh??
looking forward to getting a few pics of her.
i have so few and i want to remember this time
in her life..she seems to be blossoming right before
our eyes.
my sweetie.

okay, it's sunday
the spurs are playing,
i have a good book next to me,
and a warm pup wanting to snuggle.
enjoy your sunday!!


Anonymous said...

bring on the heat already!
Even down here it's cooled off a lot.

this time next year sweetie!!!
yeee ha!

kimmyk said...

Uhh we got 20 inches of snow overnight-yeah. bring the sunshine.

what warm pup?

staceyfike said...

i'm so ready for some sunshine!

Lisa said...

i'll give you some of my sunshine! it's getting too hot here too fast! the winter seems like it was skipped gets to be 115 degrees here in the summer, so please take some of the sunshine? lol!

hopefully i'll get some mail from you today so i can send out your sally! hehe

Kate O'Brien said...

hey you!

sorry i haven't been by in a while to visit ya!

hope you find some flip flops soon. i found some adorable ones at payless. stocked up! it's 80 degrees here today so i'm wearing mine!

EatCrayons said...

Aching for Spring, and warmth!
I'm so boring, I just purchased a few new pair of Reef flip flops, but ol' faithful is so comfy.

Spring break this week, eh? So what happens for Easter?