Saturday, March 29, 2008

fatal attraction to cuteness.

a friend of mine made these for easter.
i am still dreaming of the faint lemony frosting...

i am no less than four pages away from finishing
my book.
and then i will be reading this
and this simultaneously.

i imagine in a few months i will
be over my obsession for a while.
my desire to read comes and goes...
just like my need to scrap.
i realized yesterday that i haven't scrapped
since january.
(not counting ATCs of course)


Kate Michele said...

I do that reading. I'll go for a while and read like two books a week and then i'll go for MONTHS and read nothing.

Missy said...

heee LOVE your title...
but then again... it is the genius of miss gwen :)

I need to read more.
I am envious of you and the tearing through the books.
Maybe I will read while con naps today...
hmmmmm :)

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

i have a new stephen king book waiting for me and i haven't opened it yet. it hasn't been the right time yet. so i know what you mean!

wanna trade an atc with me? one-on-one? let me know!

kimmyk said...

what is that a cupcake? with lemon frosting? wha no recipe??? looks yum!

EatCrayons said...

Mmmmm cuppycake.

My desire to read comes and goes, just as scrapping does anymore as well. I'm finding I'm more in the mood to read than scrap, it costs less. Ha.

glo.riah said...

carrie- i kwym...we are in the process of figuring out a new budget...not that it would matter with the scrapping..i have so much i have, yeah...i need to work on whittling that down!! lol
kimmyk- no recipe on that...she is a genius in the kitchen...i am a little intimidated to attempt her recipes!! (maybe one day!!)
joce- i'll email ya!!
missy- i *knew* you'd be the one to catch that!! love me some gwennie gwen gwen.
kate- yep, seems to be the consensus...hoard the books, devour the books, ignore the books. :)