Friday, March 14, 2008

feelin good enough to steal wi-fi.

go me. :)

feeling well enough to jump
on my neighbor's wi-fi
can't get on my own.
which is frustrating.
not sure why we bother
to pay copious amounts
of money each month if half the
time our connection is iffy.
i say if they want their money on
their time
i should get my service on MY time.


thanks for the well wishes...
i feel a bit queasy but
not sick enough to miss more work.
yes, i'm going in on my day off.
actually i saw it coming
and volunteered until noon.
that way i still get to take the girl to the museum.

i'm a smart one, huh??

happy friday peeps!!


Lisa said...

dang, you better get better soon girl!

have you recived some mail from met yet??

EatCrayons said...

What's that you're wearing....tanks!? Is Spring emerging? Color works on you. :)

Get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

good! let the mono end!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see a bit more colour in those cheeks girly. Shitty internet connections and stupid bills. Much Love

kimmyk said...

good thing for wi-fi.

sorry you're still under the weather-i hope today is a much better day for you!

Vee said...

glad you are feeling better! :)