Wednesday, March 5, 2008

but it's a *cute* crazy, no?

so i'm working on my starbucks
ATC swap.
and i really should be almost done.
but i feel as though they are missing something.
and it is kill-ing-me.

the girl one asked what i was doing
and i told her i was making cards
for the bucks group i was in.
she looked at me like i was a kindergardener
eating my glue
then turned to her daddy and said:
"that's obsessive, when you'll join a club
because of a drink."

i don't feel obsessed.
just a wee bit silly.

enjoy the rest of your hump day y'alls.

ps: does anyone know how to get ink out of a dryer??
or is it ruined for all of eternity??


Anonymous said...

shes so adorable :D

staceyfike said...

re: ink in dryer......

lol, i picked up the art of tye-die for about a week in the summer of 2001, and my dryer still has blue obviously, i'm no help

Colleen said...

what about white vinegar? i read somewhere that it cleans dryers

kimmyk said...

no help on the dryer...sorry.

i'd join a club if i could drink coffee and do crafty stuff.

the little tot? freakin adorable!

Kate Michele said...

Have you tried Mr Cleans Magic Easer? I've had great luck with that on getting ink off my walls.

she is so stinkin cute!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

ink in the dryer??
I agree...the magic eraser is totally magic, love Mr. Clean!

Anonymous said...

HJH! don't diss my starbucks!

i can relate to A's face today! it's how I feel :D