Sunday, March 30, 2008

I believe that my life's gonna see the love i give return to me.

another easter pic.
i just realized our hair is the

so the sky is grey here today.
the weather has affected my mood.
but in a good way.

i have the dishes done,
two loads of laundry started.
and i am about to crank out a few
bits of scrappy.
i have been working in a spiral
art "journal" since the beginning
of the year...i like how low key and
easy it is.
so i may just get messy with that.

the house is quiet and i am ready.
enjoy your sunday peeps...

i plan to enjoy mine!!


Kate Michele said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture!!!


staceyfike said...

such a sweet picture!

kimmyk said...

beautiful picture!

great day for scrappin' if it's grey outside.

Katrina said...

adorable picture!

(and that lyric is a fave)

BR@NDY said...

ah...too cute! I think we got your gloomy weather now. UGH it definitely makes a person wanna stay in bed.

Kate O'Brien said...

beautiful photo. love the title of your post too!

hope you got some scrapping done! i too prefer art journals some days. just easier and less structure with those.

have a great week!

Vee said...

this is the cutest pic!! :)