Monday, March 17, 2008

life in the ffwd.

i cannot believe he is two.

also on the i cannot believe list:
  • this sunday is easter
  • i am hosting easter this year (yikes!!)
  • i am blogging even though i worked all day today
  • i made dinner
  • i remembered to tie a green ribbon in the girl one's hair
  • my boy one will have a driver's license in t minus 32 days
so what's on your list?


kimmyk said...

i can not believe:
you didn't eat that lil guys face right off his head. he's cuter than shit!!! love lil' kids with dimpled fingers and cheeks!!!

Anonymous said...

a DL? wtf? THAT i cannot believe! have you sent out warning notices?

my little one wore st pat socks.

BR@NDY said...

You can always hit pause on the Driver's License or rewind your kids to be 3 - 6 years old. All I can say besides that is "Chubby Cheeks!"

Kate O'Brien said...

he's adorable!!!!

good luck with hosting easter. we're just going to my mom's.

my daughter gets her permit this year. i'm already praying. :)

Kate Michele said...

i cant believe:

that my babies are going to be four in a few months.

that its STILL snowing out.

That i spilled my hot chocolate before ever having a sip.