Sunday, January 13, 2008

coupon clippa.

made this mess

for this.

maybe i should
clip coupons once a week
instead of once a month!!

now for my reward.
i'm going to plant my booty down
on the big red couch and
possibly finish a book.
my idea of a
happy sunday.


staceyfike said...

that IS a good sunday.

EatCrayons said...

Do you actually use majority of your coupons?? I clip and clip with good intention, and NEVER use them. I stink. :P

What'cha reading?

kimmyk said...

i clip away and then i organize them in my little coupon organizer and forget they are there.

i tend to clip and use more coupons in the summer than the fall/winter and i don't know why that is. probably because we bbq a lot who knows.

do your stores double your coupons too?

island girl said...

hehehe....looks like my typical sunday... :-)

dani_luigi said...

Were not really into coupons, which is weird when the rest of the world is. Are we missing out?

Kate Michele said...

I like eat crayons clip and clip and then always forget to use em.

missed ya.

Anonymous said...

i can never find THAT many of the things i use.
I'll have to start over at HEB. Right now i know what is good and what is not of the PUBLIX brands