Saturday, January 12, 2008

good & co.

pic for yest 365.
love all that GREEN!!

that was in boerne.
mi madre and i
snuck over there yest.
i just want to LIVE there.

the day before that
would be thursday...
and hubby hung my
pottery barn craft center
for me.
he is my hero.
this is what the craft area looks like now:

i still need to get the
drawer pulls sanded
and painted.

but i like it!!
love that the dresser
i am now using for my craft area
used to hold my boy-ones
wee lil clothes.

and for tabitas, who says i must
only own black and white clothes
according to pics i post.


be well peeps.


kimmyk said...

you an organized scrappin' biotch now aren'tcha??? haha, sorry. i'm workin' on my third xlarge latte this mornin. my day started at dark thirty and i been on the move ever since.

oh and i'm totally diggin' your hair growin' out. it looks sassy. you look really pretty in that color blue.

i wish we had cool places to go here. but it's ohio-and well i don't really think i need to say anymore than that.

glo.riah said...

you can come visit me anytime!!
and you should see me when i get that organizing bug...can't concentrate on anything else!! i LOVE to re-organize!!


Kate O'Brien said...

your craft area looks so cool!

and love the self portrait!

hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

island girl said...

i "heart" that PB organizer...and i "heart" you with color!! :-)

dani_luigi said...

Oh your crafty area is looking good.
You should wear colour more often, that colour looks good on you and I'm loving your hair. Very nice indeed.

SpAzzGiRL said...

i wear a lot of black and white too...I don't think I've ever seen that color on ya before now that I think about it.