Wednesday, August 20, 2008

::heavy sigh::

the day has arrived.
i'm taking my baby sister
to waco.

it's gonna be rough.
don't get me wrong...
i am so freaking excited for her
it's almost embarrassing.
the thought of her room
at my mom's house.
baby baylor.

enough about that.
i don't want my family to think
they should keep all sharp objects
away from me.

i finished it.
while it wasn't as good to me as
the first three (bella just
i enjoyed it for what it was.
no spoilers.
i have a co-worker who is dying to
borrow my copy
which is a good thing, because i am DYING to talk to SOMEone
about the TWISTS!!

i'll take the mac baby to see if i can
post from waco.
we"ll see if i can even form a coherent

wish me luck ladies.
we leave in an hour.


Positive For 365 said...

be happy for HER!

kimmyk said...

aww best of luck to your baby sis!
how exciting!

EatCrayons said...

How exciting for your lil' sis. :) Best of luck to her.

I haven't read any of them....yet.

glo.riah said...

365, kimmyk: happy and excited and i miss her already!!

crayons: get on it!! i know you'll love 'em as much as i did!!

Colleen said...

i thought bella was off too. email me,a nd we'll dish

luckily, baylor isn't as far away as other schools so you can do it :)