Friday, August 8, 2008

like any other day.

woke up early.
snuck in a lil bit of art.

(do click on the pic to enlarge)
must get ready for work
but before i go:
she loved it.
i mostly wanted to make sure it
would fill her up. it did.
the comments:
thanks lind-z
vee and katrina.
this is the part of the title
"momma" i like!!
the questions:
kimmyk: they tell me the kids carry their lunches
in their backpacks until lunch, so i guess it will
just be that container. we did buy her a bag, though
just in case.
colleen: thanks!!...i'll have to check out my target.
sounds like something i was looking for!!


Positive For 365 said...

you keep ME young honey, I wouldn't change a thing!

Kate Michele said...

momma Glo.... will you pack MY lunch??

love this drawing!! I have for years felt i was born in the wrong generation...only too late. :D


Patty said...

Hello there! First time commenter but have been following your blog for ages - I love it! Love the way you write your entries. Just wanted to tell you that our Target (in San Diego) doesn't carry the Lock n Lock boxes that Colleen mentioned so I ordered mine from here:

They have other sizes too which would work, they are great containers, sturdy and pretty leakproof. My sis and I love ours!