Friday, December 26, 2008

the holidays 2008.

our christmas was spent at
my mom's house this year.

what a mis-matched bunch we are.
you can tell by my expression here

that i was shocked to hear
i am going to be an auntie.
thanks to this gal.

she says if its a girl i get to keep her
because she wants another boy.
apparently they have named it
i kid.
i kid.
all joking aside-
i am happy for her.
babies are always good news in my book.

now on to
christmas pics of the kids.
she got what she wanted

and something i wanted her to have-

she is in love
with domo.
all things japan, really.
we all miss it, in our own way.
i think i was too much of a spoiled american
the last oh, six months we were there.
i was over it and wanted to leave.
now i am in a better place
and i just want to go back.
but i digress...
i loved this pressie
for him
the bestest.

i read that book to him
every. night.
when he was a kid.
and he had it memorized.
and we loved it.
so when i saw that tee
at urban outfitters last week
i had to buy it.
had to.

hope your holiday was filled with
the stuff that makes a holiday memorable.

obviously mine was!!
oh, & a quick p.s.
here's a shot
of the photo project
in the new casa:
only one wall is done
in the living area.
looks a lot better in person.
love the mis-match of non pic items
and family pics.

i'm stuck on what to do above the t.v.
it's the part i am always stuck on.
in every house.
and we've moved a lot.
so that's a lot of stuck.


Katrina said...

glad that you had a good Christmas!

Kate Michele said...

you all are so freakin CUTE in that first pic!!

I LOVE that book... i wish we had an urban outfitters cuz id so get one!!

i really like your photo wall, the pics are so good, it makes the wall that much better!


Anonymous said...

Love your jimmyjams. Your holidays seem relaxed and lovely. I love that book too. Congrats on the impending baby news and much love. Also freaking love the photo and object display.

Missy said...

Merry Christmas, Glo-girl!!
I've SUCKED at blog comments lately - because I do most of my emailing/keeping up from my blackberry or ipod....
But I'm thinking of you!!!

and Jon has the same PJ pants as your son...
toooo funny :)

Colleen said...

happy christmas!
i love where the wild things are
and I have no idea what to do with idea at all.