Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a year almost.

so many changes in just one year.
most of you reading have my random facebook updates,
so i will spare you the long version of a catch up.
and spare myself the typing it would take.

right now i am digging summer.
later starts to my day (if 630 is late)
and longer hours to get things accomplished.

girl turned 15.
and is now in driver's ed.

be still my heart.

the boy is coming home to finish out his schooling.
he had enough of ASU, i suppose.
probably he just missed my hovering. :: not ::

i am happy.

the moms moved one street over from us.
its nice having about every second day off
from making dinner.
its like my very own drive thru for homemade meals.


island jen said...

yay...so good to see you in this space...miss your face...sorry we couldn't catch up while I was in Austin...

glo.riah said...

me too! :( it made my heart hurt, but we're back on track, not even kidding, in a good way! :) next time for SURE!