Monday, August 30, 2010

the other shoe doesn't have to drop.

my darling husband recently went all the way to england for work
and did an awesome job of bringing me beautiful pictures
of that country we fell in love with when we lived there
over 14 years ago.

i remember how
we took a day to ourselves not long after our daughter was born
to celebrate our anniversary.
i remember standing with him in front
of this marquee. snapshot taken.
only visible in my memory now
we were so young.
the marquee remains the same.
we do not.
and i am okay with that.

i am looking forward to my days.
i am excited and hopeful for each one to begin.
i cut back my hours at my job...and
i've started classes at the community college
the boy is happy at university in san angelo
and the girl is enjoying her new school.
the husband is standing in a good place at work,
it looks like he may be getting into a different area
of his field, one he is actually looking forward to.
life seems pretty darn good right about now.
no need to wait for more, i am loving what life is at the moment.


island jen said...

enjoy every second on this wave of good...

Josy said...

Love it, embrace it, breathe it in! Cherish it!
If you're at the community college near downtown - look me up. :) that's my 9-5. Good luck with all the changes and growth going on in your world! Glad you're posting! :) Peace...