Monday, August 16, 2010

boy goes to university.

i forgot for a bit that i was blogging again.
: )
forgive me, for i am exhausted.
this weekend pretty much ran both ends of the
emotional spectrum simultaneously. why?

because we packed up the uhaul and drove the boy one to university.
i am so grateful he doesn't have to stay in the dorms.
he will be living with my father in law, so he has family there.
and his uncle lives in town too...he'll be fine.
we spent the weekend unpacking and setting up his space.

it's a nice space, very light.
i should've waited until i hung the curtains to take this pic
but i had to sneak it in.
the boy didn't want any overly mushy show of emotion.
and apparently taking too many pictures counts as mushy.
(i am suprised that spell check accepts the word mushy. and also, i used mushy twice in one post.)
at least he allowed me this indulgence once we saw this old door.

oh, how i love downtown san angelo.
and that boy.


island jen said...

awww...huge milestone glo! and i love that photo by the door!

Danielle said...

What a big Selene for you mumma. He is one spunky kid, I'm sure his going to knock their socks off.