Friday, July 30, 2010

a lil bit crafty.

last week i got a lil bit crafty.
i woke up early, got on the treadmill
then decided to get ready for work right away
so i could play with ink, paper and glue
then go straight to work.

it is such a lil thing,
and this pic is a bit blurry
but you get the gist.

i found a stack of those lil white envelopes
collecting dust but they are ready for a purpose!
so i am thinking i need to make a book.

i want to make a bunch of these "pages"
and then throw random bits of ephemera
in the bags.
things like movie tickets
roller derby ticket stubs
and all sorts of other fun stuff.
because you know i collect a bunch of junk!!
(i am working on this bad habit, though!!)

i haven't decided how i want to bind them together.
i am a fan of the rings.
but i am thinking stuff may slide out.
so i may make covers out of chipboard covered in paint
or a cute patterned paper.

i'm thinking polks dots!!

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