Wednesday, July 7, 2010

on my part.

i usually brew at home.
but some mornings, when i have to be at work
at ohhh, SEVEN A.M.- i stop for my fave drink.
venti non fat caramel misto with 2 splenda.
just typing that made my mouth water.

for the past 3 1/2 months i have been taking my re-useable mug
to my girls at the bucks. and i have been so happy with the little steps
i am taking to make sure i am creating less waste.
it started when we were in NYC during this event.
(i took pics, but they are on the mac daddy, and i am on the babymac at the moment)
i wondered how many cups i was responsible for,
and what the impact could be if i just took one of my plethora of travel mugs with me each day.

i am happy to say that i have stuck to my resolution thus far
and i am now thinking about what more i can do.
like: if i take a reuseable cup to chick-fil-a, and paid for a medium but
had them use my cup instead of wasting one of their styrofoam ones,
would they let me?
i think its worth a try.

more later. gots to get to work!!



island jen said...

yay...go you! i use an insulated bucks cup everyday too.

miss you! xoxo

glo.riah said...

i like to hear that!!
i miss you too!!
oh, and-
what happened to your blog lady?!