Saturday, May 24, 2008

that's the way, uh huh uh huh i like it.

my cousin, the painter,
came over yest and did
his thing.


maybe now i'll be more inspired to
finish making this house a home.



island girl said...


now send your cousin to orlando so he can do my house too!! :P

kimmyk said...

hey send your dude to ohio when he's done in orlando wouldja???

love the color. y'know why? cause that's the color of my livingroom!!!! or at least it looks like the celery/pea green color i have goin on.

yeah send 'em. i'll even buy him a beer...or three.

did your landlord care that you painted? that's really nice usually they get all emotional on ya when you want to change stuff.

glo.riah said...

jen: i'm not sure he's ever been outside of texas!!
kimmyk: yeah, that's pretty much that pea green color...
we have good taste!! :)

Colleen said...

pretty color! what is it? i'm trying to find a nice neutral for our house.

Mel~B said...

Love it! Looks great! It looks like a really nice house! I'm sure you'll have no probs making it your own. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

ohh love the new colour, it goes so well with the red couch :)

Kate Michele said...

love it!!! i thought it looked more like mine... but thats called latte... so its not very green not at all. :D

Vee said...

LOVe the color!!