Friday, May 2, 2008

i'm not anti-pets, but...

today i wore a reminder.

the house we were moving into has issues!!
like there is no way i am going to put my stuff
in a house that smells like that!!
apparently she had gerbils
and apparently gerbils
ruin carpet.

let the negotiating begin.


Kate Michele said...

not many follow this...but by law the landlords have to replace the carpet after each tenant.

glo.riah said...


this is good to know, because
they actually steamed-cleaned it yest.
it smelled fine until this morning.
i am sick over this!!

Kate Michele said...

that what many do is just steam clean but they are really suppose to replace it. plus the steam will only bring the animal pee smell out more...especially if its hot and rainy outside.

kimmyk said...

i dont know anything about replacing carpet, i always thought they had to clean it and if it couldn't be cleaned it had to be replaced, but i knew it had to be painted.

nothing NOTHING smells worse than animal urine in carpet. and kate's right-it's worse in hot humid [texas anyone?] weather.

good luck!

Colleen said...

ok, i want one of those shirts

EatCrayons said...

Love the shirt!

GERBILS...get outta town!? Gerbils!? Were they like monstrous, gigantic gerbils? And what in the world were gerbils doing out, running around on the carpet? Weird!