Wednesday, April 30, 2008

it's mayjah.

another quote on my board.

a while back my bff showed me
this cut.
i love it.
but not really.
because i am digging the back...
but the front does nothing for me.
i think i'm going to mix and match.
but i *am* cutting it.
made the appt for saturday evening.
the texas summer is closing in...


kimmyk said...

i love her hair
i wish i could wear my hair like that
but i can't
i'm thinking of whackin mine off.

currently i am in the middle of my back...all one length.

thinking of going above the ears and long enough on top for one curl in a large rod curling iron.

i want to..i'm just a big chicken.

can't wait to see yours though!

Anonymous said...

but now we're going to have the same hair cut!
What will the paparazzi think?

Colleen said...

oooh, sexy
me likey

SpAzzGiRL said...

I am sporting super long these days, since we are still getting freezing temps here, so I am of no help.
Love that quote!!