Monday, April 21, 2008

where the sidewalk ends.

my monday was spent running errands.
the dps gave my boy one his license.
we actually got him to school on time
even after the line at the dps!!

then i decided to try out my local
temp agency.
i don't think that's the way to go.
(she said it's slow right now)
so i will stay on at gap for the time
i have one other application in...
fingers crossed because that's an office job!!
:) me likey.

after the temp agency i went
grocery shopping.
go me for refusing the plastic bags...
(i forgot my canvas ones!!)
i had them use boxes...
it was so easy to carry in my groceries.
two trips and i was done!!
the recycling fairies left me two
new buckets!!
since my green tub usually runneth over...
you have no idea how happy this made me!!

the last stop before the carpool was
to the mechanics.
the boy one's toyota was making a noise...
you guessed it...
i walked out with a $1k estimate.

but my shoes were cute.

p.s. i did answer last post's comments...
thanks for all the sympathy and b-day wishes!!


kimmyk said...

good luck on the job hunt!
ew @ 1k estimates...not nice.
but yes, yer shoes are cute.

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

VERY cute shoes :)
Goodluck with the office job... I'm searching too.
Ouch about the car... :S

dani_luigi said...

check out that line and you still made it to school in time. super mom or what!!

Love the shoes.

Colleen said...

way to rock the pink chucks!

Kate Michele said...

LOVE the shoes!!!!

I dont even want to think about the boys driving.... SCARY


Positive For 365 said...

how can your day go wrong when you wear pink shoes?

Vee said...

love your cute chucks!! sending you good vibes for an awesome office job :)