Saturday, April 5, 2008

ever have one of those days?

i feel like i've capped off
one of those weeks!

we've decided to move house in may
and we'll be losing about 900 square feet.
but we'll be in the school district we want
so at least that's a plus...

today was spent doing laundry
and cleaning...lil bit of packing...
as well as grocery shopping
and purging.

so now i'm taking a break from the chores
to blog.
and to polish off a pint of ben & jerry's
cherry garcia frozen yogurt...


Missy said...

ahhhh sweetie.
Soon you will be settled down and done with the moving.
I'm thinking about you :)

kimmyk said...

i hate being unsettled.
but if it makes you feel better, i feel like moving too.

glad you're going to be in a school district that you want. good feeling.

i haven't had ice cream in years...i miss it. :(

Katrina said...

ben & jerry's is good therapy for one of those days (or weeks).

EatCrayons said...

Those weeks are always best finished with Ben&Jerry's. Mmmmmmm.

A better school district for the kiddos is always a huge pay off to the stresses of moving.

Danielle Melnyczenko said...

Moving sucks... I know better than anyone. A least the kids (well little grown ups) will be near school and you wont have to move again. Pity about the lack of space, with each negative theres a positive :)

Kate Michele said...


Ben and Jerrys has frozen yorgurt???!!

Where the fuck have I been?!

[pardon my french]