Thursday, April 24, 2008

it's wanting what you've got.

i love to see things out of the ordinary.
it shakes up my brain
and makes me happy from the inside out.

(do click on the picture and read some of those stickers!!)

note to self:
learn how to record video
on your camera,
or find the video camera.

so today was a good day.
i had a nice short work day,
a pleasant interview.
(actually two rolled into one!!)
and there is an episode of
grey's anatomy on my dvr
as i type.

can life really be this good?


kimmyk said...

my ocd would not let me drive a car like that. clearly they're crazy.


good luck on the interview.

yah @ GA!!! Missed them so much. I love me some George!

Anonymous said...

so that answered the video of guitar playing question!

that van reminds me of the "WHAM" van in japan...member?

Kate Michele said...

eve was framed. i've been saying that for years!