Thursday, April 17, 2008

say what you need to say.

find the ho in this picture:

good morning, blogland.
not much to blog about, so...

it's 730 am
and i am up and ready for the day...
my wonderful husband surprised me
this morning
by offering to take the girl one to school
so i could have my coffee at home this morning.
really, it's the little things that make me want to
squeeze him until he pops.

we are having a yard sale this weekend...
i am getting rid of sooo many things
i feel like i'll be liberated from the clutter
so bring it on, i say.

i'm watching GMA
there's something about the
polygamous sect from el dorado.
whoa. there are no words.

fiesta begins friday...
bring that on, too.

i go in to work at 9.
ooh my boss is on my last nerve.
temp agency, here i come.

create your happy today
i know i'll need to...


Jes said...

just found your blog, love it. so fun! love the destash idea, too. i think i'm gonna have to put one together myself! i just keep buying new stuff and the rest gets pushed aside...hmmm

have a great day, nice to *meet* you!

Jes :)

Positive For 365 said...

i'm lucky, my happy found ME.

Have a good day sweetie, 2.5 months girl friend!!!

SpAzzGiRL said...

I need some de-cluttering myself, I'm gonna do the once over with a big trash bag this week.
Good luck at work, I am just happy my boss is gone for a few days...relief!

Kate Michele said...

ahhhh yes. chad takes the boys to school on his way into work so that i may shower in peace. i have been waiting three long years for that. summer is going to kill me. :D


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

man! you ho! lol

hey, i tagged you on my blog if you didn't already do that one.

i love that freak out picture! is it on flickr somewhere? must add to my faves! lol

Vee said...

i love decluttering, i need to do some of that too. awww, your hubby is so sweet ;)

kimmyk said...

i saw the ho. kind of small really. i mean i've seen bigger ho's in my day. *snort*
what a great hubby!
love the mug!
oh yeah the starbucks cup is pretty cool too.

good luck at the temp. agency! any word on that interview?

Chriselda said...

san antonio came and went
i'm so bummed
i come back next month
to skydive
so we must then
must... whatever
anyway, i am so glad i got outta there before fiesta. how happy was i that i got to watch TWO spurs games this week? VERY!

i miss you. i wish i could hug your neck. i was stuck in SAT airport from 1-1020 last night. got stranded in dallas with the toddler overnight. landed at 130am and boarded my flight to atown today at 640am. i'm beat.

within the next two years, i will move back to SA. I'm going to implement a plan to get me there. i miss it so much. i mean... i really really miss it.

and you.

but i have your coffee cup!