Sunday, April 20, 2008

so we meet again.

my wireless has been
spotty lately.
which, as you can imagine
drives me a little more insane
each day.
friday i was able to mail out the stash...
pls let me know when it arrives, ladies...
saturday my boy one turned SIXteen!!
he loves his present.

he's a grateful kid
an old soul
all A's and B's
active in music and
trying out for academic decathalon.
he's already applied for a part time job.
busy guy!!
he had the traditional b-day breakfast:

the cupcakes were for later,
but take a look at that number!!
it's killin me!!

okay peeps, i must go get ready for my day
just wanted to catch you up...
until next time...
have a great day!!


kimmyk said...

aww happy birthday to boy one.
adam will be sixteen in 11 days and it's killin' me. how do they get to be so big so quickly???

i love dunkin donuts.
"time to make the donuts!"

what are we gonna do when our children are grown and out of the house?

Anonymous said...

I feel honored to be a part of his life(sniffle). You are raising a wonderful human being that will be a wonderful addition to society, what more could you ask for? You and J should be very proud of yourselves.

Katrina said...

Hope will be 16 in 3 weeks. We'd better get working on that arranged marriage, eh?

Josy said...

Dunkin Donuts... in san antonio? No way! where?? I've been missing that store since moving here in 97! love your blog, by the way! :)

Anonymous said...

awww the boy one is growing into a man... he really is a sweetheart. Did you seriously buy him a car??? Lucky boy and yummy breakfast :)

SpAzzGiRL said...

How did that happen? lol
I wish you were my parents, I always dreamed of getting a car as my present or at least those donuts! lol

*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

happy birthday boy one! my oldest turned 10 the other day! it's hard, isn't it?

Colleen said...


now i want a donut
surprisingly more than a cupcake
what's that about

glo.riah said...

lol colleen!! i swear, i was so glad when thsoe donuts were eaten..they were too tempting!!
joce- oh yes, very hard...especially now that he is driving!!
spazz- it's not the best looking car...but i sure will be glad to not have to take him to the guitar store a bajillion times a month!!
danielle- it's used...9 years old, and a bit rusty, but it runs!! :)
josy- emailed ya!! thanks for commenting!!
katrina- i really think that's the way to seriously. :)
365- oh he can't wait to see you!!
kimmyk- we'll get together for a cup of coffee and cyber cry about how time flew!!