Friday, April 4, 2008

fair dinkum pinkum

here's to you
because i miss you


kimmyk said...

my entire family has this overwhelming desire to visit the land down under, but me? not so much.

i fear being eaten by a pack of wild dogs or being strangled by a huge ass python.

or eatin by a croc.
omg, or bitten by a spider.

crap. i could go on!

i wanna go to scotland.

kimmyk said...

cute polish.

Mel~B said...

We miss you too!! When are you coming back to visit?!?!

Colleen said...

here's a hug

EatCrayons said...

Green grass, bare feet? Ahhhh...jealousy here.

Anonymous said...

MiSS YOU!!!!
BTW: loving Kangarooby and Digeridoo Your Nails... thats so awesome :P

leewoodside said...

Miss you too. xoxo