Wednesday, April 23, 2008

so what so i've got a smile on me.

my kid can play.
oh yeah.
i am so proud of this kid, i could pop.

last night was the guitar class' concert.
i was in awe the whole time.
that's two hours worth of awe, peeps.

my faves:
  • the boy's rendition of why georgia. (duh.)
  • dust in the wind
  • sweet child o' mine 
  • and stray cat strut

the only other song that would have
made the night even more perfect?

zz top's la grange.

okay, hubbs is working tonight
and i have some free time so i'm off
to play.



Anonymous said...

please tell me you video recorded?!
i wanna see, i wanna see.
but really I am so freakin' impressed with that kid, over all, not just with how he's stuck to the guitar.
you done good kid!

kimmyk said...

i'm with 365-i was hoping for audio/visual. yeah?

either way-pretty cool. chicks dig boys who can play guitar...

that's just what you need, huh?

Kate Michele said...

He must have all the girls swooning at his feet. :D

glo.riah said...

you know i really *did* try to find that dang video camera.

and yes, he did catch a few female glances...


Vee said...

that is awesome they are musicians!! :) i love that picture! :)