Monday, May 5, 2008

multiple personalities.

so this was the page i did
the day before we were to move in
to the other house.
i was feeling all jiggy with it

the weekend is over
i am due at work in an hour
and i have yet to know what
is up with the other house.

that's all i got.

(yest responses done
in yest coments box.)


Colleen said...

now i want to do a page like that. i'm lifing you
freakin genius

good luck with the move
hopefully the carpet is less stinky now

Positive For 365 said...

be patient grass hopper, you'll get past this hump too :0)

EatCrayons said...

Oh my gosh, that rocks! =)
As long as I can recall, I have always oddly been drawn to those little 'Hello my name is...' name tags, they allow you to be whoever you want to be, even if it is for a short period of time.