Wednesday, May 21, 2008

land of the greens and fat free ranch.

so today is my day off.
and i am craving salad
like no one's business.

this could be because
since i started work i have
probably eaten my weight in
twizzlers and pretzels and

tomorrow is the girl one's
last day of finals.
friday is her field day
and last day of school.

can the summer really be here already?!
where the heck have *i* been?

i don't know, but i'll tell you where
i'll be for lunch today:


Kate Michele said...

we don't have one of those but it looks delish.

great now i'm hungry for strawberries.


Positive For 365 said...

dude! i'm currently hooked on my home made iced coffees with a dash of chocolate sauce.

hhhmmm, i'm hungry now.

Chriselda said...

on thursday
i would like for you to meet up
with me at La Madeline
for lunch
on Huebner and i-10
make it work woman
i miss me some glo!!!

ps - your word verification made me spell out "OLDuet"

are we an old duet?


Danielle Melnyczenko said...

yummy goodness

Mel~B said...

You are so healthy! I just can't get excited about eating a salad - not when it's frickin' freezing over here in Oz at the moment!!