Thursday, May 22, 2008

jesus christ is not a weapon.

laughed my booty off
when hurley's mom said that
on last week's LOST episode.
there's not a booty there anymore.

two things i want you to
take note of in this pic:

one: the walls are a yucky color.
(thank goodness we have a prof. painter in the family!)
two: the zone has some REALLY
yummy nutrition bars.

okay peeps, i'm out.


Kate Michele said...


the bar.. not the color. :-P

kimmyk said...

zone bars give me a sore throat.
dunno why.
what color is that wall? i like it. looks ok from here.

Mel~B said...

I'm with you - not a fan of the wall colour personally. I've been cleaning my walls this week so I'm with ya on the wall situation!

Thank goodness for family painters - you lucky thing!!!

BR@NDY said...

I love to paint! I have 4 rooms to paint in the next couple weeks. DH and I are thinking about starting our own painting biz cuz we are just that good. LMAO!

Colleen said...

i'm addicted to cliff bars. the pnut butter one is my fave

Vee said...

i know, that was so funny! I can't wait for tomorrow! :)