Saturday, May 3, 2008

happiness is.

a fruit cup in the middle
of a hot texas day.

having the time to eat out with

when you pull up behind your (unsuspecting)
teenager at a light and see that he is driving safely
all on his own.

enjoy your saturday, peeps.
i am off to pick up paint for the laundry room
and the girl's room.

color me happy.


kimmyk said...

were you like "hey, that's my kid!"
hey, remember when i told you we only paid like five hundred dollars extra a year for adam's insurance? yeah well. i was wrong. i apologize and stand corrected. it was five hundred for four months. so doing the math it ='s out to 1500.00 extra a year. lordy. nice.

kimmyk said...

oh yeah,
any word on the house and gerbil situation?

Anonymous said...

happiness is what you make it :o)...i'm happy too!!

Katrina said...

I think that I might pass out the first time I see Hope driving all on her own.

glo.riah said...

katrina- :) i was so nervous!! i find that i am forcing myself not thinking about it, just so i can breathe!!
365- you got it, chicka. i just have to remember that!!
kimmyk- yeah, the enzyme bombing *helped* but i am still not satisfied. they MUST replace the carpet. that's the only way i see myself okay with it all.
and *ouch* those boys are expensive, huh?!