Friday, May 30, 2008

making lists.

i think i'm figuring it out...

feeling a little less overwhelmed...
i'd say it was the tattoo,
but i really think it's that
i am making more lists
and learning to let it be.

and i've been
"dancing it out".
love me some grey's anatomy!!



Chriselda said...

are you in the dark place?!
oh i miss you too!!!

Anonymous said...

that's all we can do right?


you must be this tall to ride this ledge...kwim?

Kate Michele said...

i love me some dancin it out


*~*Jocelynne*~* said...

lists are good! sometimes, i add things i did that weren't on the list originally, just so i can cross it out, so it looks like i did a lot more on my list. see? lol

kimmyk said...

how does making a list make you feel better? just to show where you've gone or done?

i'm that way with paying bills. cross 'em off!

i love when they dance on grey's. like no one is watching. love that!

Kate Michele said...

haha....thats kinda how i live my life... like no one is watching.

EatCrayons said...

I need to join like 'List Makers Anonymous'. Every day, lists made here and there for something. The feeling of crossing off the accomplished is almost better than actually completing the task it's self! :)

Sweee-tah tat!! I particularly like your placement. LOL @ your comment in your prior entry regarding feeling your veins being moved about by the gun, as I have a tat in the same location.