Sunday, June 1, 2008

on how it's june already and i wasn't done with may yet.

so i woke up this morning to
a loud-ish stacatto
from a
outside my bathroom window.

REALLY, woodpecker?!
on my ONE day off where i get to sleep in a bit?

we finally finished painting downstairs.
we still have the hall upstairs,
but i think that'll be taken care of
later this summer.
by the boy one and girl one.
i'm all for child labor.
when it means i get a pretty wall
out of it.

& who the heck tore MAY out of my calendar
i wasn't finished with all that i needed to do
before my summer began!!

now here it is 7:03 pm and
i still have to clean off my desk
so i can start playing with my supplies again.

oh, how i miss getting my hands all


kimmyk said...

i tried to sit down this weekend and sort pictures to get some stuff done, but one thing lead to another and i was left staring at all the crap in my keyboard.


yeah, i'm all for cheap labor. sadly, my children aren't. they always have something to do when i need something done. funny how that happens.

Anonymous said...

you have a desk? that is so cool!

i love saying that "my desk".
i miss that ....really.

Colleen said...

i hate those friggin things
but we have a mockingbird that is on borrowed time. it mocks our phone. i can't tell you how irritating that is

EatCrayons said...

Maybe he (the woodpecker) just wanted you to get up early, clean off your desk, so you could get your hands all inky on your day off. You know, he knew how much you couldn't wait. ;)

BR@NDY said...

did you know June first is the 1/2 way mark to christmas? So EXCITED!!!

Vee said...

i know, where in the world did May go?!