Tuesday, June 10, 2008

it feels like summer

and i miss my australian fruit barn.

it was so easy to get yummy fruit
when we lived down under.
lately it's been hit or miss
on what i bring home.
fruit is supposed to be SWEET!!

and fries are supposed to be soggy.

at least they are in my world.

i'm just sayin.


kimmyk said...

is that a tomato?
y'know ya aren't suppose to be eating those "texas" tomatoes.

i love kiwi!

is it true everything is bigger in texas? cause that apple looks the same size as my ohio apple.

i dunno about that whole soggy fry thing. soggy as in greasy or soggy as in dripping with vinegar and ketchup?

Kate Michele said...

its so hard to find good produce anymore.

Anonymous said...

it's an issue that divides civilizations!

Mel~B said...

We can still buy watermelon and grapes down here and it's the middle of winter!!!

EatCrayons said...

I like a mix of both soggy and crispy, and salty!

Colleen said...

i like crispy salty fries that have a little skin on them. those fries that come with burgers that are kinda smokey and they put that seasoning salt on them.

i'm so hungry

watch those tomatoes babydoll