Friday, June 20, 2008

damn... i'm old.

went out with work girls last ight.
it was a co-worker's birthday
so we made a girl's night of it.

too bad i was the DD...
because i could have had more fun if
i had a malibu and diet coke. or four.

we rode the bull
(yes we did)
and i wanted to go again,
but apparently i enjoyed it more
than the others.
must be the redneck in me. :)

anyhow, it was fun to see everyone
out of work,
fun to get out late,
and come home even later.
but i'm too old to do that again
without alcohol!!

thanks, girls, for a fun night
even *if* this white-ish girl
can't dance without liquid courage!!


Anonymous said...

You're not too old; just out with the wrong crowd!
I've seen you shake your booty!!

Colleen said...

white-ish. LOL
i say that too sometimes!

so where are the pics of you riding the bull?

kimmyk said...

that's good that you are friends enough with your coworkers to go out afterwards. i'd love to ride a bull once. mechanical that is. i would need serious alcohol though to do it more than once. i hear it can knock the wind out of ya when you get thrown. (they were doing it at the bike rally we went to last weekend...long line or else i woulda tried it)

glo.riah said...

kimmyk: i guess my bull worker was being gentle, because although i landed with the bull's head between my legs, (ahem) it didnt hurt!! :)
colleen: i will post pics as soon as my pal rings in the camera was broked-ed. :(
365: we are SO going when you get back!!

Kate Michele said...

i love girls night!! I've always wanted to ride a bull... in time in time :D


island girl said...

hehehe...must have been a good night if it ended at ihop!!

BR@NDY said...

You are SO NOT OLD! Dude your rode a bull!

BTW I am here, but I use google reader now, so it saves a ton of time! I still get my daily glo-fixer.