Sunday, June 29, 2008

my mexican treat.

one of the reasons i am happy to
be back in texas:

the mollete.
i call it the concha (shell).
and i only eat the pink ones.

happy sunday, peeps
i'm off to make the babies
banana pancakes.



lind-z said...

mmm i love those things. where'd you get it?

you're off to make babies???

Mel~B said...

I'm almost too afraid to ask .... What the heck is that??? It couldn't be too bad - it's pink!! My fave colour!

EatCrayons said...

Growing up in CA I saw them everywhere...the grocery store, bakeries, etc. Never, ever tried one. Kind of looks like a brain. ;)

Kate Michele said...

so... umm... err... whats inside??

Katrina said...

add me to the list of...HUH? That is not a natural color. Just sayin.