Sunday, May 25, 2008

and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

it's sunday.
the man is putting together
the surround sound system.
the girl one is playing wii.
the boy one
and his friend are still asleep.
mass starts in an hour.
in the meanwhile

i am looking through blogs
digging out my scrappy supplies
if i'll ever get this house done
and drinking copious amounts of pike place.


Colleen said...

yummy pike place
glad you are getting settled!

staceyfike said...

happy sunday :)

kimmyk said...

sounds like you had a good day.
i just hit up my starbucks this morning for "my usual". i love that when i walk in there they already know what i want-cause i'm that predictable i guess. lol.

dani_luigi said...

I am so loving your hair lately and all your self portiats. your looking hot :)

Positive For 365 said...

sounds like it's coming together..

btw no fair! i said I was doing green in the LR!!! :o(

but the paint job looks wonderful!

Kate Michele said...


pass the coffee

u coffee hog u


EatCrayons said...

Mmmmmmmm...yes, yes yummmmy on the Pikes Place.