Tuesday, May 6, 2008

*like punching under water.

i am trying real hard to be positive.
but sometimes i kinda hate being a girl.
i hate how men automatically think they
can intimidate me.
i hate that they actually can.

the hubby is in houston
this week for training.
and i am here trying to make
things right with this house.

the rental agency owner really
acted like a bully yesterday
and i am not looking forward to
calling him today for an update.

i have researched online for applicable laws.
but i can only find a phrase that says they
must provide "sanitary" conditions.
other than that they don't seem to have to do anything.
and we are in a time crunch here.
and i find myself battling the giant.


*another john mayer lyric.


Kate Michele said...

call you local prosecutors office and ask about Renters Rights.


Kate O'Brien said...

aww sweetie! that stinks. hoping it gets worked out soon!

i've missed stopping by your blog.

hope your week gets better!

EatCrayons said...

Cheer up buttercup! Someone who loves you got some rockin' mail yesterday and was just thrilled to see the little Calaveras! You put the biggest smile on my face. =)

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around 'gerbils'. Dang! I'm sorry you're dealing with this, I hope it works out soon.

kimmyk said...

keep your chin up.
if all else fails-can you stay with family or something to you find a new place?
maybe the rental agent will take money off the rent if you agree to paint the joint or whatever for him or is he stalling on the carpet still?

kimmyk said...

i remember one time long time ago when we rented a place that had fleas...we had to put our rent money in an escrow account but then landlord had to fix the problem before we could move in.

i just thought of that.

sometimes these things come to me.

Anonymous said...

fhi fi fo fum...

Good luck with the giant sweetie oxox

Colleen said...

aw, i'm sorry you are battling the meanie. stay strong sweets.

Anonymous said...

**hits your head with newspaper**
this means money and time and a nice place for your kids,

play some hard ball sister!!!

name and social, name AND SOCIAL!!!

BR@NDY said...

don't let a bully bring ya down. Stand up and let him know you mean biz-ness!!! Go to the matresses!