Thursday, July 9, 2009

full swing summer schedule.

life has been crazy.
and also chill.

i wake up.
leave for work
stop by the bucks, first things first.

then work.
then home.
cider if i can...
maybe some netflix...

days off?
still includes coffee

so mundane
and i guess that's the way i like it
the kids are enjoying the summer.
sleep sleep and sleep.
they are teenagers after all.
the girl one has green hair.
i love it.
she dyed it all dark brown, then left her bangs
light so she could dye them green.
i am loving it.
wish i could do something like that.
i once had pink bangs.
waaaay back when i was an officers wife.
loved it.

okay, well, i am off to get ready for my day
a good friend of mine moved back to TX
from germany... i am looking forward to lunch
with her and her baby!!

be well, friends.


island girl said...

sound like the perfect summer schedule to me... :)

kimmyk said...

i love your daughters hair. i would totally rock the pink hair if it were okay with my work which it's not so i wont cause i work for the man.

i hit up the starbucks every morning. black iced tea for me though.