Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the ho sto'

do you watch dog?
i'll confess, i try to catch the marathons
when i am off...or when i am able to wrestle the remote
from the man of the house...
because i want to be beth when i grow up.
boobage and all.

anyhow- a while back i caught their
wedding episodes, where she was
driving around trying to find the perfect shoe
for her wedding.
she ended up at what she called
"the HO STO'"
(a place that caters to..uh...strippers.)
she found her shoe.

perhaps i should buy these

it would bring me one step closer
to realizing my dream.
dontcha think??


PS- re: my DD slip up last post...
y'all are a bunch of tattle tales!!
i'm back at the bucks this morn


EatCrayons said...

Those shoes, hmmmm...go with the black.

For shame..Dunking Donuts for coffee? Good that you redeemed yourself this morning. ;)

Danimezza said...

Nothing like a pair of stripper heels to make all your dreams come true.

Kate Michele said...

I LOVE dog and I'm with you on being Beth hahaha. I get hooked on that show and then get made fun of for it, I'm so glad to have a partner in crime here. ::-P


Colleen said...

starbucks can smell DD on you, you know


It's me! Jocelynne B! said...

I used to watch DOG and I SAW that episode! How funny! That lady totally reminds me of my neighbor. And I told my neighbor that and she got all offended! Well, they're both sassy, outspoken, take what they want girls. And big. And big boobs. Only difference was their hair color! I even got a 2nd opinion from my hubs and he agreed! Tsk. Good for a smile though. And the wedding episode was actually really sweet. How Dog was all nervous and stuff. Aww.