Monday, August 24, 2009

oh dear.

life had me by the horns
and i forgot to check in here.

an update:

i am still here.
still a coffee addict.

now so is he -
ariston james

named after his uncle. (awh)

don't let his size fool you

he takes up a lot of space in our hearts.


kimmyk said...

awww what a precious baby!

jenna tee. said...

seriously, i love my little cousin. and of course, you.

Danielle said...

ah..thought you ran off again. too cute. love those little feet.

Colleen said...

and i have that exact same mug!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... the young one and the hair

Mel~B said...

Good to see you back!! I missed reading your entries! What a little cutie!