Sunday, September 13, 2009

on living overseas.

see, the thing about living in new countries is
you get used to having wonderful new food addictions.

and then you leave.

today i was trying to make jam cookies.

i gave it a pretty good go.
they don't taste like the jam cookies
we were in love with in australia.

the kids are as disappointed as i am.


jenna tee. said...

at least they look good though!

kimmyk said...

i was gonna say they still look yummy. it's hard to duplicate/recreate something you can only remember....same goes when you build up your memories of how great a rest. was and then when you go back you say "it wasn't as good as i remember..."

but still...they look yummy.

Danimezza said...

I *think* these can fit in the post, I'll as the post office lady when I go in next ox