Tuesday, November 3, 2009

on beer pong.

halloween did not disappoint this year.
everyone came to my neighborhood to
trick or treat:
there was a zebra

and the kool-aid man

and the clan from the batman comics
harley quinn, joker, batman, robin...and poison ivy.

here's one of just the nephews and niece

i went to a co-worker's party later that night.
turns out, i'm pretty good at beer pong.

i met up with achmed.
you know-

the dead terrorist
and had a few shots to make sure
i would remember my night
well into sunday morning...

this old girl just aint what she used to be-
but it sure was fun pretending i could hang!


island jen said...

hee-hee...i'm coming to your house for halloween next year!

jenna tee. said...

hahah man, i should've halloween partied with you! looks like you're the bp champ now!