Thursday, July 10, 2008

guten morgen.

so we've been reading more
since the tv is unplugged.

well, i haven't read as much
as i would like to have...
this book is good!!
i bought book two and
i am only half way through the first.

i want to finish it before i get
inundated with previews for the movie!!
i dont even want to know who plays bella
or edward...
i have my own ideas of what they look like
and i will only be upset if the actors don't
live up to my standards.


okay here's to going in later
and possibly getting some
reading done!!


kimmyk said...

never heard of the book.

i take it its a good one?

hmm. maybe when classes are done and before a movie release.


Lisa said...

oooooh good to hear! i may just have to scoop it up when i hit the bookstore next time :)

Colleen said...

oh! oh! you are reading twilight!!! i am going to reread them before breaking dawn comes out in august. so excited!!!

kimmyk said...

omg...colleen knows of this book too??? and a movie?? august? shit. i need to get on this. i am going to the library tomorrow...i'll be looking at this for sure.

man, talk about power of suggestion.

Mel~B said...

It gets better - keep going!!

Good idea not to know who plays who in the movie - I found out and am TOTALLY disappointed!

Still haven't bought the 2nd book but plan to on Monday. School holidays makes it difficult to read anyway!


EatCrayons said...

Ohhh don't you hate that...when a book becomes a movie & the characters or settings are not as you envisioned?