Monday, July 21, 2008

jonesin for the third one.

i finished book one in a hurry.
and basically devoured book two last week.
i tried to pick eclipse up at wal mart today
but they were out.
i find myself afraid to begin book three.
because book four is just about to come out...
i have a feeling i will neglect many chores when i purchase
said book.
also, though, i am always sad when i finish a series.
because i miss the characters when i'm done.

yeah, i'm a freak.
i know.

i really like this shirt

she picked it out herself. :)


staceyfike said...
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staceyfike said...

i totally missed the characters when i finished the third (which i have and i'll be happy to "loan" it to you via usps if you can wait a few days to get it in the mail) and i've been so excited about pre-ordering the 4th from amazon but now i realize i could have gotten in faster from my bookstore.....sigh...... oh, and everything around here gets neglected when i get into a really good book!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the series in Borders on the weekend and was tempted to pick it up. Sounds like a good read. Go ahead, dive in and enjoy yourself :) btw the girl one is supa funky

Mel~B said...

I just started New Moon. Looking forward to getting in to it!!

I continue to be amazed at how grown up Hannah is looking! She seems to grow up with every photo you post!!

I like the tee too but somehow the thought of me busting ninja moves is a little hilarious!!

island girl said...

heheh..i totally want that shirt for myself!!

Colleen said...

LOL cool shirt

rumor has it that she's writing a new book that is from edward's perspective and there is no word that she'll actually stop after breaking dawn.

Kate Michele said...

I will have to check this series out.

LOVE that shirt!!


kimmyk said...

she's growing up before our eyes.
crazy how that happens!

abbie and i were hot topic on sunday and they have the cutest tshirts-i'm tellin' ya if i were 20-30 years younger i would so rock the ninja's!

Anonymous said...

well i guess the secret is out, we do make better where did i leave my throwing stars??!!