Saturday, January 31, 2009

on curveballs.

i don't like baseball
so i'm not exactly sure
why i chose the curveball analogy.

i just know that on wedensday
life threw us a curveball and
we came *this close*
to losing someone v. important
to us.

and i've been letting my thoughts
roll around in my noggin for the last
few days
wondering what, if anything,
i should say.

i guess it's really not my story to share.
so i'll just request that everyone hug
someone they love tonight
and tell them they're loved.
that should do it.


Mel~B said...

I hope it all turned out OK.

Jackietex said...

Something similar happened to us this week. The wife of dh's friend and semi-mentor passed away suddenly and totally unexpectedly yesterday. I'm not proud, but I've been asking hubby to tell me that he would be crushed if something happened to me. He's such a laid back, not super emotional guy that I needed the assurance. Now I can change the "It's all about Jackie" channel and feel sad again for our friend.

Danimezza said...

hug. love you.

kimmyk said...

i hate close calls like that.

i've learned over the past few years to let the small stuff go...and just enjoy being with those i love. flaws and all. messy house and all. it's all just not worth it if they're not there. so i enjoy my family and my time with them more now than ever.

little reminders.

sadly they come at a time when it's someone else who is suffering.

Colleen said...

glad everything turned out ok!!!

Kate Michele said...

yes hug someone you love.
chads dad is losing his battle with liver cancer, he is in ICU and tonight we were told he doesn't have much longer, he looked so frail and helpless. even tho he didn't know who any of us were chad just kept telling him we love him and its OK. rest now dad... the boys love you, we love you.
*my point sorry got lost there*

is on the way out to the waiting room chad stopped, so i stopped, and he said.... "i don't hug the ones i love near as often as i should"
and with that he hugged me, his sister, and then held onto his mom. and when we got home, he ran to the boys.

life teaches us things during times we least expect it to... if we listen. <3