Friday, January 2, 2009

roxie's bff.

roxie had a play date today
while i was at work:

that's a newer scion XB
for those of you not in the know.
a gal i used to work with
transferred to AZ then
transferred back
and this is what she drives now
how cute is that??
i still love my girl more.
of course.
on a different note:
the honeycrisp is HUGE
this year:

that's like three servings
in one apple!!

happy friday, peeps!!


Katrina said... bffs are so cute!

Mel~B said...

You don't see cars like that over here in Oz! I still can't imagine you driving around in it. Such a big car for such a small gal.

I'm so glad you're back on board blogging again!!

Kate Michele said...

now are we sure that other car is a girl, you may need to start watching her, setting curfews and what nots. :D

now THAT is an apple... wheres my peanut butter? if you have not put peanut butter on apple slices i suggest you get up right now and do so.. .go on... get.


Danimezza said...

That theres a biggin