Thursday, January 8, 2009

they call me chuck

that's my nick name at work.
my LGM and one of the sales mgrs
like to call me chuck because
that's pretty much what i wear

yesterday i could appreciate
the humor in seeing this pile
of shoes as i walked through
the door.
these aren't all mine!!
the girl one wears them too.

(we are a stocking feet only home)

today is my day off.
nice to have one during the week
when no one is home.
i have a load of laundry in,
dishes are done
and now i'm about to make a grocery list.
holy moly i am determined to get
a sh*t load of chores done.

so today it would seem
a day off is appreciated.


island girl said... are a chuck...holy smack!! lol!!

enjoy your day off!!

kimmyk said...

i love me my chucks.
when i put them on i do this lil foot wiggle while talking to them in my best peppermint patty voice-

"'sup chuck?"

and then i wiggle my feet back and forth like windshield wipers.

i wish all my relationships with my clothing were as great as mine and chucks.

Christal said...

Love the colors! Havent commented much latley.. Sorry, atlest I still read! LOL! Back to poting myself! Hope your have a great new year!

Colleen said...

i love love love chucks. I think my next pair will be a navy pair

EatCrayons said...

If there were no other shoes beyond Chucks and Vans, I can safely say I'd be fine. :)