Monday, November 17, 2008

i had a craving.

and i caved.

i think it had been
about 3 years
since my last nachos bell grande.

no really.
i'm getting back on track this week.



Lisa said...

3 years since a nachos bell grande??? you is loco.

my boy loves taco bell and we have it like once a week haha! we're bad. and you're so skinny you shouldn't worry about an occassional nachos bell grande! as for me...i'm paying for a gym membership i'm not using...sigh

kimmyk said...

are you kiddin me with this?
totally missin out. i try to run for the border at least once a week. nachos and a 7 layer burrito are my friends.

Colleen said...

every now and then i crave a chili cheese burrito but i ignore it

Anonymous said...

i think you deserve some greasy goodness...
me? i had chili cheese tots from sonic!! OMGoshh that is so not CLEAN!!
BTW I can see her baby face again with that new hair cut, i didn't think it made her look older.

EatCrayons said...

On days in high school where I was completely broke I would just eat the hot sauce, nothing else...but dreamed of Nacho Bell Grande and all of their dried out cakey beaned goodness.